Working List ~ Primary Regional Needs

  • Public Awareness
  • Additional Science
  • Acknowledgement of Existing Science
  • Visibility, Networking, Coordination/Collaboration
  • Compiling Regional Resources
  • Updates to Public Health Websites
    • Updates to distribution maps
      • Tick species
      • Lyme occurrence
      • Appropriate disclosure of certainty and methods
    • Accurate statements regarding distributions, as listed for maps
    • Accurate statements regarding Lyme disease
      • Symptoms
      • Clinical versus Laboratory diagnosis
  • Increased Access to Providers and Treatment Options
  • Integration of Primary Care and Lyme Literate Care Options
  • Political Presence, Acknowledgement, and Representation

No single group can accomplish the above, new or existing, but together there is a lot of room for progress in our region and any means of connecting more voices and building on existing progress is the least we can do to both begin to work towards the list, and assist the groups already making progress.

Patients’ voices are more likely to effect change through organized efforts and collaboration, so the aim here is to help close some of the geographic and figurative networking gaps (in ways that benefit as many groups and areas as possible).  In our least organized areas so far, we can learn a lot from other states who are willing to help us learn from their efforts.