Please Contact us for more information via the contact form below or via Other pages in this section so far include Regional Lyme Disease Challenge Links, Patient Contacts, and Crucial Regional Lyme Questions.

These topics and areas of interests mostly apply across the entire region, and in many cases across the entire Lyme community.  But please feel free to contact Angela via or our contact form below if there is something state, province, or community specific you are looking for, as these pages are still being compiled.

We can also connect you with patients or organizations in your particular topic area or geographic region of interest.

Also watch for a resource library that will include past articles, stories, and resources by state/province and regional contacts and/or media contacts.


Areas of Interest ~ Urgent, Current, or Short-Term

*Bitterroot Study Results (Ravalli County)

You may have read about the Lyme disease study in the Bitterroot, and the recent news that their results indicate more patients in Montana than previously thought, as well as the likelihood of cases contracted in Montana.  We are excited to have these results made public and hopeful that more counties will take a closer look, or more efforts like this one will occur in additional counties.  Many of us with Lyme disease believe we contracted it here and with very good reason.  Most of the patient and media contacts on our Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition website contracted Lyme in Montana or neighboring states and provinces.  Patients contracting Lyme elsewhere are also working toward better awareness, because it is currently nearly impossible to be diagnosed or treated for Lyme disease locally.

Canadian patients respond to recent media articles and information obtained through a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request
Buffie LaRocca Fundrasing Efforts

Posts coming soon, see also Buffie’s contact page

*Current National Media Efforts — Please inquire (contact form below or for questions, information, or national-level contacts)

Women and Children With Lyme Disease

*Bios and Patient Contacts Available

Examples Here – Patient Contacts

Additional Topics Based on Research, National Awareness Efforts, Legislative Efforts, etc.

Patients in Northern Rocky Mountain States and Provinces Struggle with Obstacles to Diagnosis and Care

*Bios and Patient Contacts Available

Examples Here – Patient Contacts

Sample questions help identify issues and problems

Regional Patients’ Lyme Disease Challenges in their Communities
Our #biteoutside Lyme Disease Challenge Effort
Montana Patient Travels to Arlington for Lyme Disease Mayday Rally at Infectious Disease Society of America’s Headquarters
Ride For Lyme Accepts Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition’s Recent Lyme Disease Challenge


Areas of Interest ~ Longer-term, Any-Time Topics

Prevalence of Lyme ~
Lyme Disease Patients in the Northern Rockies ~
  • Consequences of delayed treatment and delayed care (and geographic reasons for both)
  • What many patients have in common
  • Traveling for care (‘migratory patients’)
  • Impact to families
  • Life before/after
  • Obstacles to diagnosis, treatment, and in general
Debunking Lyme Myths
Many Vectors, Many Borrelia
Our Stories
General Running List

Prevalence/Distribution of Lyme

Obstacles Patients Face

About Patients

State/Province ‘Status’

Lyme Research/Funding Compared to Other Diseases

Diagnosis & Treatment

Contracting Lyme in the Northern Rockies

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