Many of our efforts so far have been ‘behind the scenes’ collaborations with larger scale projects and organizations.  We began some grass roots outreach efforts (see photo campaigns page) as we unofficially ‘launched’ in May 2015, but these were primarily in support of ongoing campaigns or events (such as the Arlington Mayday Protests and the Lyme Disease Challenge).

We’ve had encouragement, support, and assistance from pre-launch to present from regional and non-regional patients, groups, and organizations.

Individual Related Pages:

Affiliate Groups and Campaigns

Partnerships and Opportunities

Patient Contacts

Patient Contributors

Patient-founded and patient-run, this list and these pages may or may not be up to date at any given time, but will hopefully capture our evolving relationships and supporters.

As our goals and mission statement evolve, we may create and adapt more formal structures for ‘membership’ or support.  But so far, the use of the term support means moral or logistical support, as we are not a non-profit at this time nor are we collecting funds.  If you are reading of a project in the short term that relates to donations or fundraisers, it is one we are supporting or promoting for another group or one of our partners or affiliates.

We do (so far) plan to promote patient fundraisers and hope we will not come across any reasons not to do so.  We also have a patient contact currently considering founding a non-profit to raise emergency funds for patients, and will be excited to announce her progress.

Each group has it’s own goals and there is no formal arrangement with any group, nor any intent to speak on behalf of any groups listed.  Similarly, patient contacts and patient contributors are free entities with their own ideas and projects that we are happy to promote.

We are here to connect patients and groups and ideas across our region and beyond, and simultaneously demonstrate the problems, needs, and presence of patients in the region.

Twyst of Lyme

World Lyme Day

Oregon Lyme Disease Network

Montana Group

Invisibly Lyme Montana