This effort/campaign will consist of many parts and phases over time, with an adaptive list of purposes and goals.  Primary purposes are listed below, mostly pertaining to educating ‘user groups’ at high risk through outdoor exposure and to keeping patients outside.  #lymeoutside (also see and/or watch for #onthemap #northernrockieslyme)

This will include the following and additional efforts:

  • Getting Lyme patients outside (together or individually)
    • Cognitive and physical impairments make recreation of all types extremely difficult.  But those of that are well enough and others willing to help with this can pair up to find ways to help each other get out.  This could be as simple as a hiking budy or a ride to a trail head, or adaptive and creative ways to help patients get outside.
    • Use education and realistic risk assessment info to help us and others keep the risk in perspective.  Although we need to help correct the misnomer that Lyme disease has not yet reached the Rocky Mountains, and need to help ensure newly contracted cases are recorded, the data and information we are seeking is likely to also show a relative risk that is at least somewhat lesser than other regions (this will be discussed further in ecology pages and articles, especially related to unaltered landscapes).
  • Education Strategies and Materials
    • Classroom focused
    • Public Focused
  • Citizen Science Opportunities
    • A number of opportunities could be launched, with various levels of overhead required, but some could occur on short notice and/or with little to almost no cost
    • Tick sweeps (ongoing efforts by Twyst of Lyme as well as additional supplementing opportunities, particularly with partner groups or agencies)
    • Wildlife related opportunities may exist (may or may not overlap w/ public involvement opportunities, but still could include some level of volunteer opportunities)
  • Partnerships could come in many forms

*If you have particular talents, ideas, connections, or on-going efforts related to these or related ideas, please leave a comment and/or watch for various comment forms and ways to get in touch/involved.


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