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When you do the Lyme Disease Challenge or Lyme Sucks Challenge, send us your photo, and consider doing your bite outside (see additional options below).

This was requested in 2015 to be part of collective Lyme Disease Challenges and celebration collages or posts, but you can still send them to us any time and we will add them in.

Visit our 2015 album on Facebook:

The rest of the post from 2015:

If you are from the Northern Rockies, please note it, but anyone supporting us and our launch can show support, help us celebrate, and be part of our hopeful future collective challenge(s) by participating.  You can ascribe a label or category to yourself when you send us your photo ( or post it on our Facebook Page.

bite outside def w ribbonYour photo can also be used as your own challenge if you wish, as can the collective outcomes of this group effort.  We will also pay it forward with challenges which can be built on or used in communities.

The bigger the response, the bigger the initial ‘collective’ challenges will be.  We are open to suggestions, and we are open to using this to challenge businesses or other groups in your local areas (visit to be sure you know what to include in your challenge and where your challengees should make their ILADS donations).

Our challenges will be typical challenges following the Lyme Disease Challenges steps.  The only difference is that we are much too spread out to line up for a group photo, and are in areas where Lyme awareness and the challenge are taking root more slowly.  This is a tool to bring excitement and get donations from people or businesses that might not hear about the challenge, but that would be excited to participate and donate–especially if able to visually see that they are being asked by a number of people.  Since we were celebrating our launch through photos, this was a good way to support the challenge at the same time.


  • Draw mountains on the Lyme;
  • Get creative or take the photo somewhere cool;
  • Add a pet, outdoor gear, or something unique to your outdoor life;
  • Take it at work (especially if you work outside, and assuming it’s OK in your work place).
Post to FB:

A few examples so far…..

11188392_977830815574253_7392213915144967898_n PicMonkey Collage #bite outside


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