This our request for photos from 2015.  You can still send us your photos to be added in for use in future projects.

Facebook album link will follow.

Lyme Outside Photos (For this and Ongoing Projects)

PicMonkey Collage lyme outside example

Patients: Share photos depicting your outdoor life before, during, or after Lyme Disease.

Non-Patients: Show us your outdoor life.

These tie into future goals that emphasize our geographic area. But photos from anywhere will be used for our ‘launch’ and possibly other outreach or projects in the future.

As with Bite Outside photos, these may also be used in collective challenges.

Photos showing you and others working or playing outdoors, or aspects of an outdoor lifestyle are highly desired.  There is a high likelihood that photos you find here or photos in the same sets or files would be a perfect fit for World Lyme Day’s Lyme Lives Here Photo Campaign (April 1 through May 31, 2015, see below).

lyme outside def white w ribbonPets and activity-specific gear or tools are perfect for this category, even when people aren’t pictured. You can read more about the goals associated with Lyme Outside so far and more as they and/or their descriptions evolve.

This will be the primary emphasis of our outreach, but with many short and long term branches, tools, and partnership opportunities.

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