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OPINION: We need to move faster on Lyme disease framework

May 2016

Lyme disease national conference a good first step, Winnipeg family says

May 2016

Lyme disease conference leaves patient cautiously optimistic

May 2016

Lyme disease sufferer has seen worst of medical profession

May 2016

Record number of ticks expected in northwestern Ontario this summer

May 2016

Test for tick’s Lyme disease bacteria now available in Canada

May 2016

DAHLIA | This Is What A Tick That Can Give You Lyme Disease Looks Like

May 2016

Monique Keiran: Tiny ticks a good reason to be cautious

May 24, 2015

Lyme disease might have existed in the Rockies back then, but remained undetected, undocumented and unknown. The bacteria can incubate for years in some people before causing illness. It’s also possible the illness occurred back then, but lack of awareness and difficulties with diagnosis — which continue today — left it undiagnosed.


Changing climate brings ticks, Lyme disease into Canada

Jesse Tahirali,, May 23, 2015

The blacklegged tick population is creeping northward into Canada, and with it climbs the risk of contracting Lyme disease.


York University researchers are warning that climate change is causing the country to become increasingly habitable to the blood-sucking bugs, which migrate by clinging to travelling birds and deer.

B.C. patient questions accuracy of Lyme disease test used by province

July 2015


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