We made a few pre-launch requests, beginning April 15.  These primarily included locations and photos, with a few time-specific additional sub-requests, and/or reminders on behalf of partners/affiliated groups regarding their time sensitive projects.

Initial requests include and/or may include:

  • Assistance with outreach
    • Share the website and Facebook Page
    • Share location, photo, or other specific requests
    • Recruit members/supporters
    • Let us know about projects, organizations, support groups, or other resources patients in our region would benefit from

Media Outreach

(There will be announcements, articles, flyers and related materials for each, as applicable)

  • Editorial Letter Campaign
  • Take a Bite Out of Lyme (Challenges to Media across the region by local people in those areas) ~ more soon on this ~ A great bridge to this and additional related campaigns already partnering with Lyme Disease Challenge


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