This list will grow, and these pages will likely be cross listed in other sections, as these groups and patients often play multiple roles in the Lyme community, the region, and with Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition.

These are patients willing to share their stories and what they’ve learned about this illness.  None of us are medical professionals, but we are willing to be a resource for other patients if we can, based on our experiences, geographic areas, and areas of interest.  Each person may have their own projects and organizations that may or may not directly overlap with projects or campaigns of NRLDC, but we will be doing our best to share and support their projects and ideas.  For NRLDC specific information, Angela is the primary contact, though contacts below may be involved in areas pertaining to your questions and able to fill you in as well.

Angela Daenzer ~ Northwest MT (Columbia Falls)

Primary Organization Contact (Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition, Invisibly Lyme Montana,

IMG_3730 (3) 524370_3726865128196_1710916206_n

Kristie Albers ~ Central MT (Great Falls)

Patient Contact/Press Contact–Living with Lyme, Treating Mold, Contracting Lyme in Montana

Cleve and I, July 6th, 2013 Lincoln Rodeo

Brenna Short ~ Southwest MT (Hamilton)

Patient/Press Contact, Founder of Twyst of Lyme

Presentation1 brenna crop

Raylene Short ~ Central MT (Great Falls)

Patient/Press Contact


Buffe LaRocca ~ WY (Cheyene)

Patient/Press Contact


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