Brenna Short, Hamilton, MT

Press Contact, Founder of Twyst of Lyme, Inc.

( and Twyst of Lyme on Facebook)

Presentation1 brenna cropBrenna’s symptoms began in February 2007 with a ‘stomach flu’.  Since she saw no tick or rash, and since Montana doctors (then and now) state that we do not have Lyme disease, it was not initially suspected as the culprit.

Her symptoms came and went for a couple of years, but eventually took a downhill turn after a bout of Strep Throat. Her symptoms became more severe, including sudden weight loss, back and body pain, and exhaustion.  After a 2010 week-long, 12-doctor round of investigation at the Mayo-clinic provided no answers, Brenna eventually found answers through a Lyme Literate Physician (an LLMD). IGENEX laboratory testing revealed Lyme disease and two additional infections (Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis).

This discovery did not come until after the birth of her third child (now six years old), so she may have unwittingly passed it to her two older children, or possibly all three, during pregnancy.  Although Brenna’s symptoms began in 2007, she may have been infected as early as childhood.  Antibiotics for the bout of strep throat mentioned earlier may have protected her youngest child, but the older two were infected in utero or via breastfeeding.

Being sick herself with Lyme disease and having children also sick with Lyme disease is tough, but Brenna’s love for her family keeps her going. After five long years of being trapped in a sick body, she is now well enough to once again play with her kids. She’s also back in school, studying to become a health coach. She dreams of one day using a whole life approach—as opposed to one that focuses solely on the body—to help other Lyme patients rebuild their lives.

Brenna has valiantly fought her Lyme battle, spending countless hours doing research and learning everything she can about the disease. Determined to share her journey and knowledge with others through social media and local efforts, she started Twyst of Lyme, Inc. (, a non-profit organization focused on Lyme education and raising funding to share with like-minded organizations, such as Inanna House. She plans to continue learning and spreading awareness as her recovery continues.

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