Featured Lyme Disease/Lyme Sucks Challenge ~ Thank You Ride For Lyme!

Thanks to Dan and Tanner of Ride For Lyme, and to Jan of Manitoba Lyme Disease!  You weren’t late at all, we knew you’d be good for it!

We said we’d make your donation on your behalf, but we’ll send one in to Canlyme (Lyme Sucks Challenge) in addition to ILADS (Lyme Disease Challenge), as we should have thought of that in the first place!

What a lovely, lovely, lovely location!  Lyme-a-rita is a nice and fitting touch (nicely done Jan).

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Featured Lyme Sucks Challenge ~ Ride for Lyme and Manitoba Lyme Disease in Winnipeg

Global News covered Jan Cmela leading the Manitoba Lyme Disease Lyme Sucks Challenge in Winnipeg with Dan and Tanner of Ride for Lyme! You can also see all three in the following featured challenge, which we are particularly fond of (you’ll see why).

Technically this one is out of region, but symbolically, we’ve decided it’s in, since they were just in the region, and because it’s the first chance to cover a Lyme Sucks Challenge along side our featured Lyme Disease Challenges.

Per their facebook post that day:

Thanks to Global News Winnipeg for capturing the largest‪#‎lymesuckschallenge‬ that we(and possibly anyone) have been a part of so far. Thanks for everything Winnipeg, those limes don’t get any sweeter eh?



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