State Resource Links will gradually be broken apart into pages by type/topic.

For now, state pages will contain preliminary lists, as applicable.  Please feel free to contribute via comments or contact forms with relevant links and resources.

Patient Resources ~ Find Your State Group

Join with others in your own state to bring change through education, advocacy and activism. Share with people who will understand your story. Ask for help, find a doctor, tell people about events.

Local Support Groups

  • Help us get in touch with your group leader and/or list your group or a group contact
  • Consider starting a local group.  If you need help with this, perhaps we can assist, such as:
    • helping you find other patients in your area;
    • helping you find your next-nearest neighbor groups for networking;
    • brainstorming ways to connect where geography precludes in-person meetings.

Some of our states may have very few to no existing support groups, though you also could have a fellow Lyme patient less than a mile away, in the very next town, at your child’s school, or across town that you don’t know about yet (all of the above were the case for me).

Please feel free to share any of the following via comments, the contact form below, or vie

  • Interests/talents/skills or just that you’d like to get involved;
  • Relevant or interesting links for your state;
  • Organizations either in your state or involved in your state;
  • Events in your state (past, present, future);
  • Lyme or tick research, data, survey, or detection efforts (Lyme and/or ticks).

Lyme/Tick Distribution

Idaho Lyme Data via (648 est. cases)

(Through 2011)

Reports of Lyme Disease in Idaho: 81 confirmed cases

Due to the fact that the CDC’s data only represents confirmed cases, the actual quantity of lyme disease cases may be far greater. We estimate a total of 648 true cases of Lyme disease in Idaho.

Lyme Disease in Interior Western States – Idaho

Kaiser Papers (Nov. 2010)

Information provided by Idaho health care authorities is virtually
nonexistent.  Lyme disease and other tick borne infections are
reportable in Idaho.. It is presumed that Lyme cases must meet
CDC testing criteria which results in very low numbers of reported

Panhandle Health District

News Links

Spring brings ticks — and potentially Lyme disease

Idaho State Journal (2014)

INKOM — In spite of recent snowstorms, high winds and frozen roads, Idahoans remain optimistic that spring is just around the corner and with it comes ticks — ticks that can potentially spread Lyme disease.

Pam Taysom has battled chronic Lyme disease for the last six years and she now knows that if the tick bite that infected her had been discovered when it happened, her disease could have been easily treated with antibiotics.

“A 30-day dose of doxyclcline will kill it,” Taysom said. “If you let it go, there is a chance that it will become chronic Lyme disease. That’s what happened to me.”

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