Starting with at least a contact form, coming soon, also to include at least location information for short term display purposes.  By mid month, we will be soliciting information from as many folks in the region as possible, and quickly gathering names of those interested in future membership and any degree of involvement moving forward.  This will be an enormous and immediate priority, once an optimal, clear, and comfortable set of questions is ironed out.  In the mean time, deciding on the right questions will be somewhat iterative.  So if you are an early-responder to requests for basic information, feedback on the questions and form will be appreciated.

Why the rush?

Multiple on-going projects and plans of larger groups can better help our region if we can ready ourselves to get ‘on the list’ politically.

This may mean calls to action with short turn around time, but it will be well worth it in the short and long term.

There will be posts on information needed, but here are a few of the very likely short term examples:

  • Mapping our locations, specifically or by general geography;
  • General idea of our numbers, distributions, and some basic information;
  • Level of interest, skill-sets you may be willing to donate in the future, desired level of involvement;
  • Foremost political and/or healthcare objectives.

These will be elaborated on further very soon.

Any comments and info you’d like to share in comments in the mean time, including suggestions for questions or information to gather (or how to display it), are much appreciated!

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