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Unofficially Launched May 1, 2015 ~ Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Canadian Rockies (BC/Alberta/Saskatchewan)

*Please share your location if you have lived with or may have contracted Lyme disease in the region!

We are seeking to share information and to foster networking among patients and organizations in the region.  We are also interested in opportunities for collaborative planning, networking, and regional representation and visibility.  If you are an organization that can help us foster awareness of the existence of Lyme disease and Lyme patients in our respective areas, we welcome your help or an opportunity to help you.

We began our efforts in collaboration with (and/or support of) national/continental events and campaigns in spring 2015. Our site construction, collaboration outreach, and mission statement construction will be on-going, adaptive, and patient-stamina-dependent at any given time.

Please see our earlier requests for preliminary information and help for an idea of what we’ve sought in the past.  Please visit us on Facebook and Instagram and help us reach more people in our region, particularly those than can add locations to our preliminary regional map (Location Form #OnTheMap, #NorthernRokciesLyme #LymeLivesHere). We want to help existing groups show our collective presence and have begun to work together and partner for other campaigns.

For more information, contact Angela Daenzer at or and browse our information, resource, and opportunity pages as they evolve.  For health reasons, please cc to ensure receipt of emails at this time.

Facebook (Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition)

Instagram (@northernrockieslyme)

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