Request 1 ~ Locations and Help ~ #OnTheMap #NorthernRockies #LymeLivesHere

Please help us get Lyme disease patients in the Norther Rockies #onthemap!  This is the first of a few requests in an effort to gain some preliminary information, increase our networking, seek partners, and keep finding each other as we gear up to ‘launch’ May 1.

Please look around and start to get to know us as we build our site (and let us know if you’d like to help in some way now or in the future).

Request #1 ~ Here’s what we need most so far!

If you are living with or contracted Lyme in the Northern Rockies, please share your location via THIS PAGE/FORM! (Read more about why via the link and also here).
Help us get more locations and help us get the word out!
  1. Please share this request using #OnTheMap #LymeLivesHere #NorthernRockiesLyme ~ share by any and all means you are comfortable with ~ THANK YOU!
  2. Please visit, like, share our new Facebook page and Event page (coming soon).
Write an anonymous letter (to begin to share our stories on this site and as part of the effort to hand out ‘Letters to Strangers’ at the MayDay Rally ~ Read More HERE)!


Anyone (in and beyond our region) will soon also be able to help via preliminary OUTREACH/BASIC INFORMATION FORMS and future posts and pages with requests or lists of needs.

Other Reminders:

Continue to visit The MayDay Project for updates regarding the IDSA Headquarters Rally April 29 – May 1

The IDSA’s comment period was extended, as was’ survey, see more here.

Additional links/reminders to follow.

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