Launching May 1, 2015

This endeavor will launch May 1, 2015 (while resources are still under construction) in order to be involved in events, actions, and activities of larger partner groups currently underway and those that will occur at the national level in May (Lyme Awareness Month).

Please stay tuned, and please visit the short-term projects pages as they evolve, for ways to help make our regional presence and numbers known in Arlington, VA on April 29-May 1 (watch for posts or visit The MayDay Project’s website for more in formation for the 2015 Protest at IDSA’s headquarters).

From the About Page, so far:

Brand new, planning phase endeavor to provide opportunities for collaborative planning, networking, and regional representation and visibility at upcoming events. We know we need to show our collective presence and have begun to work together and partner for other campaigns.  Mission building and goal setting will be adaptive/iterative/ongoing as membership grows.  But this will provide short term opportunities for visibility/representation and membership while we get up and running.  *May be a good time to ask for assistance from larger groups we are already collaborating with.

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