IDSA Comment Period Links & Resources (Ends April 9)

On March 9, 2015, the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) announced a 30 day comment period on a Draft Plan to review the Lyme disease guidelines.

Previous posts on Invisibly Lyme Montana have covered the basics of the process, resources from trusted Patient Advocacy groups, and numerous links.  Posts were hastily constructed, due to the time sensitive nature of the issues, evolving nature of resources, and generally chaotic but excitingly productive nature of the Lyme community at the present time.  If anything, this illustrates the urgency of the need to comment.

These posts can all be found via THIS LINK.

Resources there include The MayDay Project’s press release (regarding their meeting with IDSA’s President) and webinar resources, a survey from (allowing an option for contributing to a community-representative comment they will submit during the comment period) and additional articles and instructions, as well as references and additional resources.

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