You are Invited ~ Share this site and Our 1st Set of Action Items Beginning April 15

In a few days, you will be able to look back and know that you were one of the first ever to view this site and that you somehow found it or had it shared with you before the rest of the world.

In the mean time, please have a look around, particularly the About Page and Draft Goals & Needs Pages.

Please share any input, feedback, or suggestions here or via soon-to-come comment/contact forms (and further contact options).  In the short-term, contact can also be made via Invisibly Lyme Montana (facebook page, website, or twitter).

If you are interested in partnership opportunities (support, collaboration, other), becoming a member or supporter (as an individual, group, organization, or business), or becoming more involved immediately, consider the following options and use the following links:

  • Partnership/Support Opportunities, see Supporters ~ Stay Tuned
  • To help with ideas, fine tuning, and testing, message me via Invisibly Lyme Montana on facebook regarding a private/closed planning group on facebook (fb link above)
  • Preview initial calls to action and action items, see Short Term Needs
    • stories, accounts
    • basic information (tools/requests coming soon)

If you are a member of the media and would like to know more before April 15 please contact Invisibly Lyme Montana and/or Angela Daenzer (preferably in multiple locations to avoid spam filter mishaps).  We intend to reach out later in the month, but would welcome your coverage of certain key points and requests sooner if you are interested.

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