The following was our 2015 ‘photo sweep’ outreach from around the time of our launch.  The photos collected can be viewed through the linked pages for each type of photo we collected. You can still send us your photos to be added in and used in future projects and future Lyme Disease Challenges or Lyme Sucks Challenges.  We can also help support your challenges on social media if you tag us or request our help.

Anyone, Anywhere:

The Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition needs your Lyme pictures!

heading photo support with ribbon

Bite Outside Photos: Take a selfie or photo outside with or biting a lime. If you already have an outside Lyme disease challenge photo, send that. Tag with #biteoutside

Lyme Outside Photos: Past or present photos of you enjoying the outdoors. Please note where you are or where you are from in the picture. Tag with #lymeoutside

photo sweep spoiler with ribbonRecycled Lyme Photos: Send photos you’ve created through other campaigns or other photos, images, or art you’ve created that are meaningful to you. Tag with #RecycledLymePhotos

*Send your pictures to: or post on our FB page:

*More detail regarding what they will be used for in this post and more detail on each type via the hyperlinked titles above.


tick sweep def      recycled green

lyme outside def white w ribbon      bite outside def w ribbon

Two of our partners have new or on-going Photo campaigns or projects, both found on facebook via the following links, with more information to follow on future pages.

Faces of Lyme Disease
Faces of Lyme Disease
World Lyme Day
World Lyme Day









*We are eager to find and list additional Photo Campaigns, so PLEASE SHARE those you know of and stay tuned as we build and add to a list.

Past?  Present?  Future?


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