Featured Lyme Disease/Lyme Sucks Challenge ~ Thank You Ride For Lyme!

Thanks to Dan and Tanner of Ride For Lyme, and to Jan of Manitoba Lyme Disease!  You weren’t late at all, we knew you’d be good for it!

We said we’d make your donation on your behalf, but we’ll send one in to Canlyme (Lyme Sucks Challenge) in addition to ILADS (Lyme Disease Challenge), as we should have thought of that in the first place!

What a lovely, lovely, lovely location!  Lyme-a-rita is a nice and fitting touch (nicely done Jan).

You can see our challenge here and additional featured regional challenges and challenge info here.

FCCLA Lyme Disease Challenge Booth at Columbia Falls High School Tomorrow!

I’m so proud of my daughter for this idea and grateful to the leadership club for making it happen.  They will have a booth with facts and limes ready for any students that want to do the challenge.

You can read more about the challenge at LymeDiseaseChallenge.org and LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE ~ HERE~.  You can also see my daughter’s earlier challenge videos, my son’s videos, and featured regional challenges (so far) on our Regional Challenges Page (including a link to our challenge to Ride For Lyme, which they have accepted).

A high school teacher and junior high teacher were instrumental to my diagnosis, and I finally caught up with one of them by letting them know about the booth (having not spoken since my diagnosis).  There’s a slight chance I may meet her in person (for the first time) one of the days of the booth, but we will definitely have to meet soon.

Stay tuned for more from this proud mom.


Ride For Lyme ~ You Have Been Lyme Disease Challenged!

Our very first collective Lyme Disease Challenge goes out to Dan and Tanner and the Ride for Lyme team (aka the Adalaine project), in a location of their choosing as they cross the continent for Lyme patients and their friend!

This challenge includes the patient they ride for that day, IF the patient is well enough.  If not, we’ve got that patient covered, as we’ll be doing extra ‘bites’ on behalf of that patient in their honor.

So, Dan and Tanner, here’s how the Lyme Disease Challenge works!

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Featured Lyme Disease Challenge ~ Buffie LaRocca, Cheyene WY

Have you taken a Bite Out of Lyme disease yet?

If you haven’t, we’d highly encourage you to join this Wyoming family, and thousands of families (and teams, celebrities, news stations, and public figures) across and beyond the nation in doing so.  It encourages patients, spreads awareness, and raises money for Lyme disease research.  All funds raised through challenges and t-shirt sales go to ILADS.

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Featured Lyme Disease Challenge ~ Donkey Basketball, Carole Will Bennett ~ Ryegate, Montana

11136816_10152713429262026_481788254_n (2)
Photo by Carole Will Bennett. Ryegate, MT, #LymeDiseaseChallenge 2015.

This is an inventive, unique, and inspiring Lyme Disease Challenge from the small town of Ryegate, Montana (with a population of around 300 residents), by Carole Will Bennett.  Her original posts are included here, followed by a few links and facts about the challenge.

She was also willing to share a response to a comment in one of her Facebook posts that shines some light on what she and her family have been through over many years with Lyme disease.

I’m willing to bet that the photos in her first post depict the largest collective #LymeDiseaseChallenge in the state of Montana by the time it occurred and to date.  If I find I’m mistaken, I will be very surprised and you will most certainly hear about it. And if you find that I’m mistaken, please let me know about it!

~ Thank you Carole! ~

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