Featured Lyme Disease Challenge ~ Buffie LaRocca, Cheyene WY

Have you taken a Bite Out of Lyme disease yet?

If you haven’t, we’d highly encourage you to join this Wyoming family, and thousands of families (and teams, celebrities, news stations, and public figures) across and beyond the nation in doing so.  It encourages patients, spreads awareness, and raises money for Lyme disease research.  All funds raised through challenges and t-shirt sales go to ILADS.

Information, instructions, and copious Lyme resources can be found at the campaigns official website and facebook page, but you can also follow the campaign on twitter, instagram, pinterest (and perhaps a few more new or upcoming social media platforms, as participating patients learn more and more social media skills sets, specifically to support this effort).  You can see a photos version of the challenge via a recent Featured Challenge from Ryegate, Montana, as well as some sharable graphics and example facts.

Buffie LaRocca, Cheyene, WY

Buffie’s family and friends put together one of the most elaborate, creative, and entertaining Lyme Disease Challenge videos I’ve seen to date.  So I’ve been excited to share it here. You’ll see what I mean–it’s fantastic.

You can read more of Buffie’s story on her contact page, but here’s a taste:

LaRocca is a mom, wife, sister and volunteer enthusiast with a background in theatre arts and nonprofit management. She was a traveling actor for years, spending many summers in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Orleans, New York, Oregon and other states. She now lives in Wyoming, but grew up in the Flathead Valley in Montana where she was an avid outdoors girl.

To learn more about Buffie’s story, please visit thoselymiebastards.wordpress.com. Buffie also has a GoFundMe account (http://www.gofundme.com/tkw5pw) to help raise money for the mounting medical bills her health insurance company refuses to cover.

You can help Buffie’s family through the recently created GoFundMe page noted above, but please also stay tuned for information regarding a benefit that will be held in Montana by a family friend.  Most patients have to travel well outside of their state/region for knowledgeable Lyme care, which is also seldom covered by insurance.

Please watch, enjoy, and stay tuned.  And consider your own Lyme Disease Challenge (via photo or video).


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