Rocky Mountain Moms With Lyme, Part Two ~ Happy Mother’s Day!

As we said in part one, there are a LOT of moms living with Lyme disease in Rocky Mountain states and provinces.  Some contracted Lyme here, some did not, and some don’t know, but we all face unnecessary obstacles to diagnosis and care that could be reduced or eliminated through better awareness, better treatment guidelines, and better policies and application of guidelines in our respective local areas.

I have to admit that I personally felt a bit down-trodden yesterday, when a local news story said that people should be careful of ticks, but not because of Lyme disease.  We are hopeful they will revisit the issue and correct the dangerous information in that story and headline.

But now that mother’s day is here, my kids have lifted the cloud the story temporarily cast on my Mother’s Day.  These moms, like all moms and all moms with Chronic illnesses, are super heroes.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And to Tiffany, Happy Birthday as well!

There will be more articles on moms to come.  And other patients as well.  If you care to share a mom photo or story, please do!  Or a snapshot from your mothers day, and or any thoughts on what mother’s day means to you as a ‘Lyme mom’ that it maybe didn’t before.  Good or bad, happy or sad.

Montana ~ Tiffany Church (Billings)

PicMonkey Collage tiffany

Idaho ~ Melissa Hanson (Boise)

PicMonkey Collage melissa

Montana ~ Kate Lamport (Helena)

PicMonkey Collage lamport

Montana ~ Sherry Scott-Hall (Columbia Falls)

PicMonkey Collage sherry

Montana ~ Carole Bennett (Ryegate)

PicMonkey Collage carole

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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