This our request for photos from 2015.  You can still send us your photos to be added in for use in future projects.  Let us know if you have or know of any ongoing photo collection projects that we can make people aware of.

Facebook album link will follow.

Recycled Lyme Photos

recycled greenThis category somewhat emphasizes existing campaigns, but not entirely.  This can also be things you’ve created for another time or purpose or to inspire yourself or others.  There are a number of artists in the Lyme community that I am inspired by, and a number of inspired campaigns.  These are all items we’d love to at least share as part of celebratory collage or visual display, but that could also be highlighted (as far as an artists work or writing about campaigns over time).

This category could include such items as:

  • Artistic creations for projects of your own,
  • Artistic creations in general,
  • Photos or creations meaningful to you,migratory spp quiz
  • Works you’ve created in campaigns you’d like to help others find (especially those you haven’t had occasion to share for a while or are particularly proud of),
  • Your existing Lyme Disease Challenge photo,
  • Photos of you participating in Lyme campaigns (ie Lyme Ribbons, or…)

If you send something from another campaign, please try to help us with links to that campaign and include a IMG_1865 (3)title or general description if it isn’t prominent in the photo. These will most likely be displayed in larger collages or collections that demonstrate the ways we’ve told our collective stories, but we’d like to direct people to those efforts to as great an extent as possible (either to participate if it is on-going or to see the result if it is complete).

If you are sending artwork that you are protective of, please include a name or copyright on the image if possible and please tell us if there are limitations on how you’d want it used (including whether you’d prefer it be something we use in a more individual display rather than a combined depiction such as a collage.

Even the act of sending us a photos is a show of support that we deeply appreciate. Anything you create or send us helps us feel and show solidarity.

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