Photo Sweep 2015 ~ New & Used Photos ~ Please Help Us & Other Groups SHOW Our Story

Anyone, Anywhere: The Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition needs your Lyme pictures!


Bite Outside Photos: Take a selfie or photo outside with or biting a lime. If you already have an outside Lyme disease challenge photo, send that. Tag with #biteoutside

Lyme Outside Photos: Past or present photos of you enjoying the outdoors. Please note where you are or where you are from in the picture. Tag with #lymeoutside

Recycled Lyme Photos: Send photos you’ve created through other campaigns or other photos, images, or art you’ve created that are meaningful to you. Tag with #RecycledLymePhotos

*Send your pictures to: or post on our FB page:

photo sweep spoiler with ribbonVisibility is one of our goals, even as we are getting going.

Please “show” your support for us and other groups working to visibly demonstrate, teach, or uplift patients or the world around them.

Anyone, Anywhere: please send us any photos (new or used) that depict your Lyme journey, your Lyme Disease Challenge, a Lyme photo campaign you’ve participated in, or your outdoor life before, during, or after Lyme (or your outdoor life in general for non-patients wanting to show support).

*Feel free to “Recycle” your photos shared through other campaigns (read more below) and let us know where others can find those campaigns, too.

Celebrate our Launch, Contribute to a Collective Challenge, and Support On-going Photo Campaigns

Post to FB:

photo support with ribbonAnyone, anywhere, please lend us a hand and send us new or recycled photos–by May 1st to show support for our launch and thereafter for all of the reasons described below.  Multiple types of photos are desired, so please see below (for our needs as well as requests from partnering, affiliated, or other groups).

We’re asking an awful lot for such a new group — but we think we’ll have an awful lot to offer in the future, so we’re asking for help to build momentum and get a good start.

There’s no limit to what our collective communities can do. We’d like to help connect more patients and campaigns and we want to show potential non-Lyme partners why they should help us spread awareness and work toward change.  Showing them our story can be an important tool for change and for prevention.

*We are still urgently seeking map locations–please help us share that request or share your location (via our location form) if you are in the Rockies or were or may have been bitten here.

Anyone, anywhere, willing to show support, please read on.

In general, it is helpful to state when sending photos whether you are a patient in the region, a patient out of the region, or someone just generally showing support.  If you are local to the region (MT, WY, ID, SD, ND, BC, ALBERTA, SASKATCHEWAN), please note this with your photos!


~ ~

~ Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition Facebook Page ~ 

Anyone, Anywhere

Depending on the type, many of these photos will hopefully be part of one or more collective Lyme Disease Challenges (and potentially part of other projects, as described later for each type of photo).

Group challenges are a neat way to show support for each other, other groups, ILADS, and the campaign.  They are also great within your community as an awareness tool (see this recent post and more examples at

Bite Outside Photos

10465514_10152697779037026_926257488341891062_o (2)

Take a selfie or photo with or biting a Lyme, preferably outside (see additional options below).

This will be part of a collective challenge or challenges and celebration collages or posts, so we’ll take care of the rest! If you are from the Northern Rockies, please note it, but anyone supporting us and our launch can show support, help us celebrate, and be part of our hopeful future collective challenge(s) by participating.

bite outside def w ribbonYou can ascribe a label or category to yourself when you send us your photo ( or post it on our Facebook Page.


Lyme Outside Photos (For this and Ongoing Projects)

PicMonkey Collage lyme outside example

Patients: Share photos depicting your outdoor life before, during, or after Lyme Disease.

Non-Patients: Show us your outdoor life.

These tie into future goals that emphasize our geographic area. But photos from anywhere will be used for our ‘launch’ and possibly other outreach or projects in the future.

As with Bite Outside photos, these may also be used in collective challenges.

lyme outside def white w ribbonPhotos showing you and others working or playing outdoors, or aspects of an outdoor lifestyle are highly desired.


Recycled Lyme Photos

recycled greenThis category somewhat emphasizes existing campaigns, but not entirely.  This can also be things you’ve created for another time or purpose or to inspire yourself or others.  There are a number of artists in the Lyme community that I am inspired by, and a number of inspired campaigns.  These are all items we’d love to at least share as part of celebratory collage or visual display, but that could also be highlighted (as far as an artists work or writing about campaigns over time).

If you send something from another campaign, please try to help us with links to that campaign and include a title or general description if it isn’t prominent in the photo. These will most likely be displayed in larger collages or collections that demonstrate the ways we’ve told our collective stories, but we’d like to direct people to those efforts to as great an extent as possible (either to participate if it is on-going or to see the result if it is complete).


Thank You In Advance

Even the act of sending us a photos is a show of support that we deeply appreciate. Anything you create or send us helps us feel and show solidarity.

Ongoing Efforts of Partners & Affiliated Campaigns

Lyme Lives Here Via World Lyme Day
World Lyme Day
World Lyme Day

Lyme is Worldwide. Share with us your pictures of where you have found Lyme.. Post the photo so we can raise awareness.

11148499_10153294524253566_3122400677981309109_nThe FACES of LYME disease Campaign

This is an ongoing effort to put faces to this horrific, debilitating disease…Please message me your picture and Lyme journey facts.

Lyme Disease Challenge

More Photo Campaigns

Coming Soon……..

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