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Lyme Disease Challenge Background and Information:

11071518_10205295335577268_928930759556778002_nThe purpose of the Lyme Disease Challenge is to raise awareness and funding for improved Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment.

Are you in? Great! Then follow the three easy steps below and donate $10. Prefer not to take the bite? That’s okay too! Donate $100 instead. All donations accepted by ILADEF (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society’s 501(c)(3) non-profit educational fund).

1. TAKE A BITE: Bite a lime and TAKE A PHOTO OR A  SHORT VIDEO of the act – the more sourpuss your face, the better (and funnier!).

2. SHARE A FACT: State ONE BRIEF FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE, such as the facts provided below. You can say them in your video, write them on your photo, or include them in your post. Help us spread the true facts about Lyme Disease!

3. PASS IT ON: Keep the campaign going — CHALLENGE THREE OTHER PEOPLE – your friends, family, whomever! – to take a bite! Mention them in your video or if you do a photo tag them in your post.



Lyme Sucks Challenge Background and Information

The Lyme Sucks Challenge:

Lyme Sucks Challenge

1. Cut a lime in half (share it with a friend, or your favorite kid) and take a video of you sucking the lime dry

2. In your video, nominate 3 friends to take the Lyme Sucks Challenge & tag them when you post your video

3. Post your video and this text to your social media networks with the hashtag #lymesuckschallenge

4. Donate $10 to one of the research foundations listed to the right (OR $100 if you don’t take the challenge!)

Please donate to your choice: (Canada) (US) (US)

Text LYME22 £10 to 70070 to donate to Lyme Disease Action (UK)


Featured Challenges:

1. Buffie LaRocca Family Challenge Video, Cheyene, WY  ~ Featured Challenge

See also ~ Featured Challenge Post Buffie’s Contact/Background Page

2. Carole Will Bennett’s Donkey Basketball Challenge, Ryegate, MT ~ Featured Challenge

See also ~ Featured Challenge Post 

11164777_10152716141767026_6172699200878871682_n 19325_10152706829642026_6183855747927103871_n

3. Ride for Lyme ~ Lyme Sucks Challenge in Winnipeg

Featured Challenge post here.

ride for lyme lyme sucks challenge winnipeg 4


Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition

Lyme Disease Challenge Links:

1.  Challenge to Ride For Lyme (May 2015)

ride for lyme LDC
*Visit Our Photosweep Pages to learn more about our on-going collective challenges, especially contributing your #Biteoutside or other types of photos for challenges



Angela’s family’s videos ~

PicMonkey Collage row

Christopher’s explanation video (age nine):

Christopher’s outtake video:

Christopher’s challenge video (challenging youtube channels and his class):

Katie’s challenge video (age 15):

Katie & other highschoolers,

(challenged Taylor Swift, Today Show, Fallout Boy, teachers, friends):

Mom and kids:


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