Ride For Lyme ~ You Have Been Lyme Disease Challenged!

Our very first collective Lyme Disease Challenge goes out to Dan and Tanner and the Ride for Lyme team (aka the Adalaine project), in a location of their choosing as they cross the continent for Lyme patients and their friend!

This challenge includes the patient they ride for that day, IF the patient is well enough.  If not, we’ve got that patient covered, as we’ll be doing extra ‘bites’ on behalf of that patient in their honor.

So, Dan and Tanner, here’s how the Lyme Disease Challenge works!

1. Be ready to record your ‘bite out of Lyme disease’ via photo or video.

2. State one or more fact about Lyme disease.

3. Take a bite of a lime!

4.  Challenge three more people or groups.

5.  Post your photo or video, with the fact, who you are challenging, **and the hashtag #lymediseasechallenge.

6. Donate $10 to ILADS for Lyme research (*see note below).

Given that you are in the midst of continent-wide journey for awareness, your donation is highly optional. I will make your donation for you and encourage others to donate in honor of your bite as well.  We so very dearly thank you for your Lyme community service!!!!

The only thing that differs in our challenge is how we gout our group bite to challenge people with, since we are are so spread apart.  We asked folks to donate photos and/or take a bite outside specifically for our group and our group challenges. The first collage below is from our #northernrockieslyme #biteoutside collection.  These bites are outside because an outside bite is meaningful for our region and our organization—we have many ideas and project lined up for the future to help keep folks living, working, and playing outside, safely and well-informed, and to help keep those infected living their outside lives (even if it means teaming up to physically get them outside).

Dan and Tanner we are SO VERY PROUD of what you are doing, and SO VERY GRATEFUL!

You’ve been challenged!

**Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can find them.  Their website is stunning!

Update: They accepted on our post on their page, so stay tuned!

You can thank them in advance, and add other details and facts for their followers or new viewers that may not be familiar with the challenge at the following locations:

A post on their page: https://goo.gl/9k7ohz
A post on our page: https://goo.gl/ktnpcG
This and other tweets: https://goo.gl/fZSLj6

PicMonkey Collage ride for lyme challenge

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PicMonkey Collage mixed types

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