These are our contributors so far, each of whom may currently or eventually be cross listed in other roles or categories.

Jill McAllister ~ Alberta

Also a partner/affiliated group via Faces of Lyme Disease.

Faces of Lyme Disease
Faces of Lyme Disease

Jill has founded The Faces of Lyme Disease project, and spreads awareness for her son’s situation and for other patients suffering through this illness.  She does so by creating beautiful posters with patient’s stories displayed, and also by creating other powerful graphics, very valuable for making important points and illustrating important facts.

Jill has contributed a number of powerful educational graphics that will be shared here and on facebook throughout awareness month.  Sharing them via social media is a fantastic way to spread awareness.

More on Jill coming soon.

Carole Bennet ~ Central MT

10465514_Carol textCarole has already contributed numerous photos, which you’ve seen if you’ve seen any of our initial outreaches for photos and locations.  She has also contributed ideas, support, and social media assistance, and her Donkey Basketball Lyme Disease Challenge was our first featured challenge.





Flo Gardipee ~ Technical Consultant, Contributing Wildlife Biologist (former Montanan)

12278829_10207119293933673_388550112339215149_nFlo and Angela studied Wildlife Biology together at the University of Montana while their Master’s degrees.  Flo is currently a US Fish and Wildlife Service Biologist in the process of relocating from California to Nevada to a position with the USFWS Desert Tortoise Recovery Office in Las Vegas (congratulations Flo, they are lucky to have you).

Flo has a number of ideas for utilizing her expertise in projects, articles, and collaborative efforts.  She is willing to bring us all up to speed on disease ecology, parasitology, and issues related to our various tick born infections.  She has an extensive background in these areas and the ability (digestibly) relate the important concepts to the rest of us.


Article (or other content) Contributors

Elaine Hallisey

Raylene Short

Flo Gardipee

Buffie LaRocca

Kristie Albers

Brenna Short (also Twyst of Lyme)

*See Patient Contact Pages: Buffie, Raylene, Brenna, Kristie, Angela

**Articles, posts, and pages authored by site founder Angela Daenzer unless otherwise noted.

Photo or Art Contributors

*See Photo Campaign Pages: Numerous photo contributors to date to be listed

Allegra Knight

More Than Lyme

Jill McAllister, Faces of Lyme

Ride for Lyme

*Some may have offered use of photos not yet posted to date, and/or have allowed use on other social media platforms

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