Preliminary Launch Post….More to Come!

Knowing the trip to Arlington would super-cede any real world, in person celebration of launching our site and our effort, we opted to ask for help with celebrating via photos from supporters in and beyond our region.  This was fortunate, as participating in rallies and all the associated pieces took every bit of energy of every person able to come.

By the time we quietly launched May 1, we had supporters in seven countries, numerous states, and three continents, and new partners we are excited to work with.  We’ve begun collecting map locations (read more here on how and why) and are already seeing some preliminary patterns emerging.

Myself and others involved so far have had our challenges recently, and/or overlapping Lyme world commitments.  So we are grateful for the support via photos.

There is more to come soon, but this is a preview in the form of an initial celebratory image, from Arlington, pending more to come soon, from the photos shared with us and from the events we participated in on and around May 1.

We regret the delay in posting, but all participants will be working to survive their travels home and then working on recuperating from more activity than most of us were really well enough for (but that we all know was worth the cost).

Thank you all and more soon!

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