May Is Lyme Awareness Month ~ Help This One Make History!

We are STILL behind in celebrating our ‘launch’ on May 1, but our reasons are very good, very exciting, and also very behind the scenes!

So….why bring it up?

Partly to convey that our lack of published posts and photos are due to contributions to a good cause and to the greater good of our greater collective cause.  But also to offer a little encouragement toward keeping pace, as best as one can, for an increasingly momentous month that I really believe many of us will remember for years to come.

We’re here, active (an understatement at the moment), and working hard behind the scenes (where most of the best stuff happens) to assist some extremely exciting work (carried out by people you’ve heard very little of relative to what they’ve done and are continuing to do for the community).

We’d love to bring you a catch up list of all the things you can be doing this month, and we hope to, but there is a wonderful list on (please leave the link in comments if you have or find it, it’s a great list) that covers much more than we would be able to anyway.  Please do stay tuned for some of our favorites, including photos of some of them in action.

Take a look at social media sites for great ideas, such as daily facts, or just spend a little time showing support and sharing what others are doing.  There are a number of young adults and kids doing neat things and staying very active on those platforms, and in my opinion, a few minutes spent ‘liking’ what they are doing is a fun, easy, and supportive way to show them that their efforts are noticed.

Also, in the mean time, look at the amazing list of graphics on the Mayday Project’s facebook page, in a terrific album ready to be used as profile photos, including great ones for each state.  Here are a few that cover “us” (but see the album for the rest).

Also, don’t forget to get your ribbons up and submit your Lyme Lives Here photos to World Lyme Day’s photo contest.

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